Localised information on weather and  air traffic.

Air Traffic Statistics

Blue Mountains Local

The Blue Mountains Local is just that, local air traffic only. This includes, all built up areas of the Blue Mountains area surrounded by the Great Western Highway and Bells Line of Road. The Blue Mountains coverage area has a radius of 20km centred at Lawson.

Sydney and Surrounds

The Sydney and Surrounds database records every aircraft that the receiver picks up. That is as far north as Newcastle, south to Canberra, west to Bathurst and east as far as the horizon, being about 400km. This data can also be seen in the live radar below.

Live Radar Feed

The raw data being collected is also being fed into software that can display all the information live, as it receives it. You can see a sample of that here. 

USB ADS-B/Mode S Receiver

Based in Lawson, this receiver is recording data from aircraft within its range. Giving accurate information of most aircraft that fly within the greater Sydney area. This ADS-B receiver has been in operation since August 2016 and has been sending information to FlightAware. It picks up signals up to 400km away. You can see the statistic here.
Using this technology, I have implemented a couple of databases using FlightAirMap, that records all the detailed information that my ADS-B receiver receives, so I can get an easy to view idea, on the amount, and details of the air traffic that surrounds us, in the past and present.
Data recording for these databases only started in January 2019 but even in its early stages it is very informative. 

Mid Mountains Weather


A local weather station running weewx to publish the data. For full weather station feed please click the button below. 

Airservices Australia

Safely and efficiently manage around four million movements every year through 11 per cent of the world's airspace.
In a 24-hour period in March, our highly trained air traffic controllers safely handled around 11,000 aircraft movements through our airspace.
Here's how it looked on their radar screens.